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Welcome to our Team

Mr. Christopher S. McDiarmid​

President - Nauta Capital Foundation

  • Founder of Global Ocean Group

  • Marketing Manager (MM)

  • Business Admin (BA)

  •   Mr. McDiarmid is the Founder and CFO of Global Ocean Group of Companies...a graduate in business and marketing from Red Deer College with a very diverse background. ​

  •   Mr. McDiarmid acquired over $30 Million in Real Estate properties with the Global Ocean Group, and has since leveraged and invested this equity value into project technology over the past many years, with many corporations from Project Development to Project Finance... now currently in its latest development stages.​

  •   Mr. McDiarmid has expertise in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, team building, finance, marketing, technology development, corporate branding and consulting to a wide variety of businesses and organizations...

  •   Mr. McDiarmid has been working with Global Ocean Group since 2001. In 2003 Mr. McDiarmid spent one year in Hong Kong - and recently has retained our Trustee in Hong Kong named Alpha King Trust. With Nauta Capital Foundation, and Global Ocean Group - We now have various corporations specializing in Green Energy Projects, and Global Housing Technologies.

  •   With many years of experience from Legal, to Accounting, Project Finance and Management, Mr. McDiarmid looks forward to growing Internationally with Nauta Capital Foundation as the Senior Project Supervisor - and utilize the many years traveling through Asia - Europe - and North and South America to establish/create many unique projects - utilizing international trade and finance contacts... ​

Mr. Robert Adams

Mr. Adams serves as Managing Director of the Renaissance Group of Los Angeles, a company closely affiliated with Nauta - structured as trustee for management of project funds.  -  With an engineering background coupled with extensive investment banking and project finance and development experience.


     -  Mr. Adams and his wife are longtime residents of Southern California. 

     -  They are the parents of 4 and grandparents of 11.

     -  They are actively involved in both their church and community as contributing members.


Mr. Denis A. Moyen

Project Secretary - Nauta Capital Management

  • Founder of Global Ocean Group

  • Business Admin (BA)

  • Project Manager​

  •   Mr. Moyen, Secretary of Nauta Capital Management Limited working together with the Global Ocean Group of Companies...has extensive experience in businesses, with experience in real estate development, and construction. He has owned several oil and gas companies, and various manufacturing plants.

  •   In 2006 Mr. Moyen acquired over $30 Million in Real Estate properties with the Global Ocean Group, and has since leveraged and invested this equity value into project technology over the past many years, now currently in its latest development stages.

  •   A graduate of St. Matthew College, Mr. Moyen has over fifty years of experience with a very diverse business background. His proven management style, record of accomplishments and born leadership inspires others to work at their highest levels toward a common goal.

Mr. John Hawitt

VP Legal & Business Development

Mr. Hawitt has worked as a Legal Consultant for 23 years in London, Europe, UAE, Bermuda and Canada. 


Mr. Hawitt started his career in London practicing corporate and banking law for multinational clients and governments. He then moved to the UAE where he worked on corporate banking issues and for a variety of clients in various industries including governments and airlines.

Since 2005 Mr. Hawitt has worked in Canada as a Legal consultant for Private and Public Oil and Gas Companies, liaising with the Alberta Government on Regulatory and Land Issues. His main focus was on environmental Issues, reclamation, abandonment, water contamination, asset management and bond Securities held by the Alberta Government. Mr. Hawitt has other entrepreneurial ventures, including a private oil and gas company and is the owner of a publishing company.

Mr. Hawitt is a Member of the Law Society of England and Wales, and has been a UK Solicitor since 1993. Mr. Hawitt graduated from University of Wales in Cardiff (LLB) and from Queens University in Kingston Ontario (BA).

Mr. Larry Lefebvre

Project Manager for Canada -

Nauta Capital Foundation

  • Mr. Lefebvre Graduated with a degree in Agriculture and later founded the first of what was to become the Laden Group of Companies.

Laden Steel Fabricators Inc., became a leader in the agricultural industry specializing in the manufacturing and construction of turn-key Feed mill and Commercial Grain Handling systems throughout Western Canada.   

Laden Steel also diversified into environmental storage units plus equipment and major components for the Oil and Materials Handling Industry with global exposure. Mr. Lefebvres' Organization directly employed over 200 people thru-out Western Canada in various related industries for over 30 years.

  • Laden Steel was later sold as an ongoing successful company with all employees intact.

Mr. Robert J. Neely

President CEO of World Wide Productivity, Inc. (WWP)

  • WWP is a project development company.

  • CEO of Global Procurement Associates, Inc. (GPA)
  • GPA is a procurement company operating in 28 countries worldwide.

Mr. Neely brings over 35 years of successful business history to both ventures. Mr. Neely’s career started with Procter & Gamble. He then moved to Johnson & Johnson. After several marketing and sales assignments at Johnson & Johnson, he became the Vice President of Sales and a member of the Management Board of then the largest consumer products division within the Corporation. During his tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Mr. Neely’s sales organization successfully implemented the national rollout of Reach Toothbrush, OB Tampons and Sundown Sunscreen. Mr. Neely then moved to American Cyanimid where he was the Vice President of Sales of their largest consumer products division and a member of the Management Board and ultimately became the Executive Vice President for Consumer Products Worldwide.


Mr. Neely’s recent projects included the purchase of the Shark Island Yacht Club in Newport Beach, California. Mr. Neely changed the name to the Newport Beach Yacht Club and after six years of ownership, it was sold to facilitate more active involvement in Worldwide Productivity, Inc. and Global Procurement Associates, Inc. 


In addition, Mr. Neely is currently involved in land acquisition and financing for projects in Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and El Salvador in conjunction with consulting for private companies in these countries involved in infrastructure building and rebuilding. In addition to these Central and South American Countries, projects are being implemented in Mexico and Western Africa, specifically Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and Liberia. In addition, Mr. Neely is working on a major green technology in Israel. These projects involve, but are not limited to, vertical wind-turbine, new wave green generators and state of the art water purification and enhancement programs.


The Hon. Prince Col. Attila ALPEREN®








Mr. Attila ALPEREN is Founder & Chairman of the many foundations and companies. Nauta Caital Foundation, The Mete Foundation®, Mete Foundation® Ltd, The Afro & Eurasia Central Bank®, The Alperen® Companies Group, Alperen® Defense Ltd., are some of his foundations and companies. 


  • Mr. Attila ALPEREN is hard working and willing to help let nations regain their independence, with full respect and love to each other via his foundations and companies via The Mete Foundation®. He supports with donations and interest-free credits.


  • Mr. Attila ALPEREN, is a world-class technological inventor, Technology, Banking, Business, and High-Tech R&D strategist who is currently bringing the next generation of technologies and related business methods to the global marketplace. TurXator®, TurXotor®, TurXactivision®, TurXbine®, DialWeb® are just some of his inventions.


As Founder and Chairman of The Mete Foundation®, Mete Foundation® Ltd, The Alperen® Companies Group, Mr. Alperen has developed significant experience in creating and implementing policy and strategy, as well as in evaluating and structuring joint ventures and other business opportunities for the companies in the financial, banking, energy, advertising, marketing, telecommunications, and military and non-military technology areas.


In all these foundations and companies, Mr. Attila ALPEREN is responsible for the overall management of both the internal and external legal, financial, and marketing affairs of the companies and its various subsidiaries. Before forming The Alperen® Companies Group, and The Mete Foundation® Mr. Attila ALPEREN, served in the Air Forces of his country with distinction and has applied his thirteen years of military experience to developing highly technological solutions towards the improvement of our everyday lives.


  • In 1999, the Government of Belize officially recognized the name, full respect for the heritage of The Alperen® Family and his name as "Prince" in perpetuity.

  • In 2001, the Governor of the State of Kentucky awarded Mr. Alperen as "Colonel" to the National Headquarter.

  • In 2001, the Mayor of the City of Annapolis awarded Mr. Alperen as "Honorary Citizenship".


Mr. Attila ALPEREN, is responsible for managing the expansive portfolio of The Mete Foundation®, Mete Foundation® Ltd, The Alperen® Companies Group, Alperen Defense Ltd, and others, directs his knowledgeable and highly skilled management team to identify marketing opportunities relevant to the business community, especially relating to electronic commerce and telecommunications.


Throughout his career, Mr. Attila ALPEREN has authored several publications, particularly in the area of constitutional law, which have received international recognition. Constitution for Turkish States (l997), Universal Values, and Concepts Dictionary for Youth (1996), Alperenism (1997) are some of his books.

  • Mr. Alperen single father of 1 girl, 3 boys, Grandfather of a boy.


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